Southampton Uncovered: Navigating the Hidden Real Estate Treasures

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Southampton, with its high-end fashion stores, quiet good manners, and iconic architecture, is the poster child for American prestige. This traditional town was founded in 1640 and named after the Earl of Southampton. In addition to being the oldest in New York, it is also part of the Hamptons – one of the most desirable and competitive real estate markets in the country. Southampton is also home to some of the most expensive and exclusive Zip codes in the US. Below, we take a look at some of these hidden treasures of the town and what they have to offer new homebuyers. 


Quogue is an incorporated village in Southampton. Southampton luxury homes here offer privacy and exclusivity amidst amazing views of the beach. Compared to other neighborhoods, Quogue’s elegance is understated. The quiet and secluded area eschews the lavish and pronounced party scene typical of many Hamptons towns. Quogue is a true hidden gem, with very few shops and restaurants in town. Built in shingle style, the homes are waterfront properties and Victorian cottages that lend a certain historic charm to the coastal area. The homes also have a median sale price of $2.7 million, with the most expensive street in the area, Dune Road, recording an $11 million home value.

Southampton Village

Southampton Village is the perfect blend of the old and the new. This quaint village offers Southampton homes for sale at a median sale price of $2.7 million and access to many upscale art galleries, boutiques, and restaurants. But perhaps the allure of Southampton Village is its many miles of untouched shoreline, waving grasses, rolling dunes, and breathtaking waterfront scenery.

North Haven

North Haven is by far the wealthiest Hamptons neighborhood. The median sale price here is a whopping $6.7 million, and some of the most expensive listings in the town can be traced back here. Despite this distinction, North Haven is a very private neighborhood. It does not feature a vibrant downtown, restaurants, or shops. In fact, this hidden gem is known for its ultra-wealthy residents, residents-only bay beaches, and laid, back and exclusive access.

Sag Harbor

Sag Harbor differs slightly from the exclusive and secluded neighborhoods on this list. Living in Southampton often means access to the beach from large waterfront homes. However, Sag Harbor’s hidden gem quality is that it has a very rich community feel. The family-friendly neighborhood boasts charming properties surrounded by white picket fences, many shops and restaurants, and local farm stands. The median sale price is $2.3 million, but Bittersweet Lane, the most expensive Zip code in Sag Harbor, has a $5.4 million median home value.

West Hampton Dunes

One of the richest Hamptons neighborhoods, West Hampton Dunes, features primarily luxury waterfront homes on the beach. The median home value here is about $2 million, and between June 2021 and January 2022, the highest listing was closed at $5.8 million. In true hidden gem fashion, West Hampton Dunes is very secluded, exclusive, and conveniently shielded from tourists.

Talk to a Southampton Real Estate Agent

Southampton was once the resort town of the country’s Gilded Age society. Today, Southampton real estate continues to draw homebuyers into the upper echelon, drawing them in with the promise of exclusivity, luxury, and prestige. If you are one such buyer, Southampton real estate agent Mathew can help you join the blue bloods, celebrities, and titans of industry that call Southampton home. Mathew is known for his luxurious listings and successful sales. Call his office today for a free consultation.

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