Moving Etiquette: 9 tips to enable the moving day go smoothly

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There is plenty of work to be done when relocating your home. As the moving day approaches, the collective teamwork of everyone will help in the process to make the move easy. The moving etiquette enables you to accomplish the work more skillfully with professional movers or with the help of your family and friends. This article will assist you to know 9 tips that help you in making your move a success. Take a look at the best Cross Country Moving Texas

1) Keep all your belongings packed and ready for the move

Before the moving day arrives, you need to keep all your belongings ready by packing and labeling them. This can help to easily load the items into the vehicle. A few of the essential things like toiletries can be packed on the same day of the move, but the majority of packing must be done and kept ready before the movers arrive.

2) The packing must be done neatly and labeled properly

It is your responsibility to examine if everything is done properly. Before the movers arrive the boxes must be kept ready by neatly packing and labeling the so that it becomes easier for the movers to carry them. A bold marker can be used for labeling, you can even write information like bedroom 1, bedroom 2, kitchen, bathroom items, etc to help you easily identify the boxes. Any box that contains fragile items must be marked clearly.

3) The items that are sensitive and prohibited must be kept separately

Some of the hazardous items, pets, plants, and alcohol are prohibited by the moving company. Hence, such items must be kept away as movers arrive to pick the items. You can also label those boxes as ‘ Do not move’. Sensitive items like valuables, jewelry, medication, etc must be kept separately.

4) Arrangements must be made before the moving day

All the administrative tasks like getting a permit pass or a parking pass for the vehicle must be done beforehand to avoid waiting time.

5) The moving supplies must be easily accessible

Most reputable moving companies carry their supplies like door stops, hand trucks, tools to dismantle furniture, etc.  You too can have such moving supplies and other essentials like hand sanitizer, masks, paper towels, etc ready to help during the move.

6) offering some refreshments

As moving is hard work, offer some refreshments to the movers like chilled water or juice during hot summer or hot tea or coffee in winter. If their work includes long hours, you could offer them some snacks to show your appreciation for their hard work.

7)Offer a helping hand, but do not hover

While the movers are busy doing their work, you may be tempted to offer a helping hand. But remember that they have their way of doing things while loading and unloading things. You could do some small work like unplugging electronic devices, removing things that are hanging on the wall, etc.

8) Give a Tip to your movers

Giving tips is a way of showing appreciation for their hard work. Offer tips in the form of cash, you can even give a thank you card, some food or drinks, gift card, etc to your family members and friends who helped you with the move.

9) Avoid Haggling when paying

When it’s time for rewarding the movers, do not try to bargain over the price. If you have to make negotiations with the price, do so before you hire them for work. A last-minute bargain shows a lack of respect for the work they performed.

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