How you could be hurting your AC

Published On July 18, 2019 | By Danny White | Home

When you are thinking of running your AC you don’t think in terms of running it right or wrong.  We are not getting too technical with the running of your AC but there are some basic guidelines that you need to follow. We see a lot of avoidable air conditioner problems around this time of year and they are due to the effect of these common air conditioning troubles.

You have an old thermostat

If you have an old and inefficient thermostat, it will negatively impact your home in a number of ways. If you switch over to a programmable thermostat you will save money. If you go further and make the investment of buying a Wi-Fi thermostat, or even a smart thermostat, your home comfort will increase by leaps and bounds. If you want energy savings, savings in cost and home comfort that suits your personal needs, contact our professional team for the best results.

You have avoided maintenance

Have you avoided the regular maintenance that your AC is supposed to go through? We understand how this can happen. You might have set a reminder to schedule an appointment in the spring, but on the day of the appointment things get hectic and you forget to schedule the visit. If you have a professional technician over, he can check all the parts for wear and tear in addition to tuning up any loose or dry parts. This will make your AC function optimally at all times, saving money on energy bills in the bargain.

The indoor air quality is low

Do you generally wheeze, sneeze and cough all the year round? Your home may be too humid or too dry. These are big problems and they can affect the quality of air cooling in your home. Your home needs great indoor air quality as the foundation for home air conditioner cooling. You can get in touch with our team to learn about the indoor air quality options that you have. We understand that each home is different and we personalize our solutions as best we can.

You do not use the ceiling fan enough

Your ceiling fan is up there for a purpose. It is a big ally for you when cooling the house is in question. Your ceiling fan helps your air conditioner to circulate cool air around the whole room. It’s important to know that ceiling fans cannot actually lower the temperature in the room. They help in cooling by producing a wind chill effect that provides relief.

If you are looking to optimize your AC and need some help, we at KAC Express can help you. Look for air conditioner repair, air conditioning repair in Spring TX  or a/c installation contractor.

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