The Right Level of Decks: What you Can Expect

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If you are considering installing some decking in your garden, then you should consider pressure treated decking. There are a number of benefits to using this type of wood as the base for your deck. The most popular type of decking, pressure-treated wood decking has superior appearance and look to other varieties of plastic or metal decking. The are absolute beauty.


Cost is one of the reasons for the popularity of pressure treated wood decking. The initial installation cost is low, and there is also low maintenance. Rather than using a valuable wood like cedar, using pressure treated decking has the advantage of not burning a hole in your pocket.


Pressure treated wood decking is probably one of the strongest of the different types of decking material. Unlike cedar, which is soft and easily weathered, pressure-treated decking is tougher, especially once it’s been sealed. Pressure treated lumber can last between 10 and 15 years before it needs to be replaced.


Pressure treated decking is most often colored with a kind of greenish tint, which can quickly fade to a more silvery gray if not quickly sealed or stained with varnish. However, pressure treated wood is also quick to take on different colors of varnishes or sprays.

It’s not every day that you construct or rebuild a deck, but if you choose the correct deck builder, you won’t have to worry about it for decades. With years of industry experience, we have seen both the good and the bad, and we understand what it takes to be the best. The following are some pointers on how to locate a reliable decking contractor:

Receive Recommendations

If you know someone in your region that has just had a deck constructed or renovated, the specifics of their experience may be priceless. Reach out to your network and see what your trustworthy friends and family members have to say about who to investigate and who to avoid.

Another option is to check the websites of respectable organizations such as the Greater Vancouver Home Builders Association or the Better Business Bureau. These groups screen its members, holding them to a higher level and offering customers with an additional layer of security. If you want a more personal suggestion, you may also ask your local hardware shop for recommendations of contractors that use high-quality products and pay their bills on time.

Research Possible Deck Builders

Once you’ve compiled a list of recommended and reviewed deck builders, it’s important to evaluate them on a few essential criteria:

Visit their websites and social media pages. The professionalism of a business’s online presence reflects their commitment to professionalism in their job. Additionally, social media may provide insight into the company’s priorities depending on what they publish and share.

Once you’ve determined the company’s identity, take up the phone and call. Do they promptly reply your call or message? If you’re having difficulty communicating now, imagine how difficult it will be when there is a problem or a question. How do they communicate with you? Is this someone you’d be thrilled to work with?

Inquire about required business licenses, building permits, insurance, warranties, and availability. Reputable businesses should have this information easily accessible, should always give a guarantee, and should anticipate a wait throughout the spring and summer, if not year-round. By asking these questions early on, you can sort out the undesirables and save time in your search.

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