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Due to the increasing number of moving companies, making the right choice is becoming more difficult these days. Many new businesses appear each day and the growing risk of moving scams are confusing people planning their moving day. Luckily, there’s a way to use this to your advantage, and make your moving day stress-free and enjoyable. The process itself may be a bit hectic, but the security of your and your family should be the priority. This guide will tell you everything about hiring movers lancaster ca. Here’s a step-by-step manual on choosing the right people for the job

Why you should go for the first option out there?

Moving house is a serious and demanding task. That’s why you need help from a professional team that has all the tools and skills to make your move easy and simple. However, picking the first option you find online is not a good idea. Unfortunately, moving scams and other unpleasant experiences are the reality of the moving industry. The Internet has made it easy to find god movers, but it also made it easy for scammers to find you. For that reason, being extra careful and following all the steps is essential for the safety of your household

The search

The first challenge in hiring movers is knowing where to find them. Here you need to use multiple sources to narrow your search to a couple of great moving teams. Here’s where to look:

  • The internet – start your search online, it’s the easiest way possible. However, don’t just hit your search engine, but find trustworthy databases of moving teams, where you can read more about them. Then, visit the website of the company you like and see how professional and informative it is. It should contain all the necessary information about the company, testimonials, blogs, etc. 
  • People you knowword-of-mouth is still the best way to get recommendations or even warnings about bad moving teams. Ask around with the people you know and trust to see if some of them have a quality team to recommend. 
  • Local moving businesses – check if there are any moving companies in your area. Maybe you’ve passed their offices multiple times, but haven’t really paid attention.

Reading reviews

Opinions of the people you don’t know can also be pretty helpful when hiring movers. The reason why they are important is that other people can share more specific details on their experiences, give recommendations, or warn you about something. However, it’s not good to trust them blindly. There is a possibility that some of the moving reviews are fake, written by the company representatives to mislead potential clients. Finally, don’t forget to write a review about the moving company you hire. People should know that doing this is important, as they help grow the network of trustworthy moving reviews, minimizing the number of fake ones. 

Ensure you’ve got a trustworthy moving team that can handle your moving boxes with care. Alt.tag: a woman sealing a moving box with a tape

Multiple quotes

Another great tip in hiring movers is to get more than one moving quote for your relocation. Comparing a couple of moving companies will give you the best idea of the real price of your move. Also, it will help you notice if anything is suspicious with a company, and make sure you decide to pick the best one. Narrow your search for two or three moving teams, and get a quote from each of them to make sure you get the best deal. 

Remember: Make sure you understand the difference between the different types of quotes. There are binding, non-binding, and not-to-exceed moving quotes. Ensure you know which one your moving team offers, to know how much you will have to spend on their services. 

Professional movers are licensed and skillful to do the work. Alt.tag: hiring movers to relocate all the boxes


It is important to pay attention to prices when hiring movers for your next relocation. Comparing a couple of teams is the best way to see the average prices. However, it can happen a very attractive offer comes your way. So attractive that it can become suspicious. Scammers will sometimes give extremely affordable moving quotes, luring people to hire them. Therefore, always be sure to know the average prices, and read the contract carefully. Often, moving services that are too affordable include several hidden additional fees that will come as an unpleasant surprise once you need to pay for the services. Instead of going for a cheap, unreliable mover, it’s better to find other ways to make it as affordable as possible. There are different methods for reducing the moving costs, so make sure you try them out!


It’s not only about the prices. You need to make sure your moving company is reliable and licensed to do the work. You can easily check that by seeing if they are registered with the FMCSA and if they have a unique USDOT number. Also, the Better Business Bureau can give you more information on any complaints the company received, which can be very valuable. 

The moving representative should be friendly, informative and clearly present their services and fees. Alt.tag: a handshake after hiring movers

Visiting your home 

If possible, get an in-home estimate of your move. The moving representative should know precisely what you want to relocate to the new address. If they are not able to visit your home, request a video call to make sure you show them the items you need to move. Furthermore, don’t forget to mention if your new home has some unusual conditions such as narrow hallways, elevators, many stairs, etc. These conditions can affect the price, so it’s good to mention them in advance. 

Moving day 

Hiring movers doesn’t end until they relocate all the items to your new home. So it is important to be extra careful on your moving day. Get a written copy of the inventory list. This is a good thing to have in case some of the items are damaged or go missing after the move. Also, make sure movers have easy access to your home and a clear idea of where your items should go. Finally, don’t forget to be friendly, provide refreshments and give them a good team after the job is done well!

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