Covid 19 Protection Tips For Plumbing Issues

Published On April 24, 2021 | By Paul Petersen | Home Improvement

It appears like the entire world is on a halt due to covid-19. Most of the people are staying at home and keeping a social distance. But, the thing that won’t be ceased due to the Covid pandemic is plumbing.

In fact, your plumbing issues could get worse in a pandemic.

Now the question arises of how one can get rid of plumbing issues by following all the rules and regulations safely in the Covid-19 pandemic.

Here are some of the safeguards we have initiated to avoid the spread of coronavirus.

  1. Sanitization Before And After Service

One of the important aspects in pandemic conditions is disinfection and sanitization, our main motive is to increase the amount of cleaning and sanitization before or after the service.

Our team members or plumbers sanitize all tools, equipment, and even company vehicles. They are also covered with a PPE kit, hand sanitizer, hand gloves, face masks, and shoe covers.

  1. Provide Virtual Service Or Online Service

With the advancement in technology, the internet has extended up opportunities for people to link and communicate after being apart from each other.

Provide virtual services to help customers with easy to fix issues. It reduces the extra visits in their home and also reduces the vulnerability of employees to unknown environments.

There are enough communicating apps like Zoom, Skype, FaceTime.Before performing the job, plumbers or technicians can communicate with customers with the help of any of this app and can try to fix the issue with virtual meetings or with the help of video or tutorials.

  1. Follow Social Distancing Rule

To avoid coronavirus, always keep in mind to maintain at least 6 feet distance. It is mainly important if technicians are working in elderly people’s homes or at risk of the population.

It is always important, if you are working in customer’s homes, ask children or elders to move to the other room while the job goes on to avoid direct interaction or to keep social distancing.

If any of your customers like to watch your work, make them understand to maintain a safe distance and make them assure it’s simply a precaution to prevent coronavirus that is important for everybody’s health.

  1. Prefer Online Payment

When it’s time to pay for your plumbing services, always prefer online payment. It is understood that everyone is not familiar with the online payment mode.

So, in that case, you can either ask them to provide credit card information before arriving at the technicians or you can ask the customer to dictate their credit number to avoid direct contact with their card and to keep social distancing.

  1. Call Customers Before Arriving At Their Home

Before moving out at customers’ homes, prefer calling in before asking if someone in their home has shown symptoms of Covid-19 or infected with the coronavirus. Although it doesn’t guarantee that you won’t be exposed yourself, it reduces your risk.

To make the bond with your customers, technicians can also make this call to make them familiar with safety rules or guidelines to avoid coronavirus.

Healthy Is A Priority

As the entire world is facing a pandemic and trying to find a way in which they can come out of this difficult time.

So, it’s our responsibility to keep a distance and follow the guidelines that are issued to prevent the virus in the workplace.

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