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Published On December 2, 2019 | By Danny White | Roofing

If you are concerned about the environment and looking for a way to contribute to a greener future, you can think of an eco-friendly roofing option. Luckily, pretty much all the leading roofing companies today offer eco-friendly roofing options that can be maintained without much hassle.

As opposed to the conventional roofing options such as tiles and asphalt shingles, there are various eco-friendly materials. In addition to the eco-friendly characteristic, these roofing options are manufactured to last longer because they can tolerate heavy snowfall and harsh weather conditions in Canada.

In fact, you will have to consider aspects like the budget, regulations of local authorities, etc. when designing a house. A professional roofing company will come into play by selecting the best roofing option that suits your home design. With that said, here are some common roofing types.

  • Rubber

Please note that some regions in Canada don’t permit rubber roofing. However, they are made out of old radial tires. They have different textures and colors. Generally, rubber roofing can last for up to 5 decades.

  • Slate tiles

This is a pretty heavy roofing option that can incur a significant cost for transporting. However, they are durable and can add uniqueness to your roof.

  • Recycled shingles

They are made out of waste materials such as wood, plastic, rubber, etc. They can last for more than 5 decades. They are fire-resistant so you can enjoy more affordable insurance packages.

  • Metal

Aluminum, copper, and steel are the metals used to manufacture metal shingles. In general, these roofs come with an extra coat of protection to prevent rust. Metal roofing is ideal if you have a plan to install solar panels. Also, they can prevent ice dams during winter.

  • Wooden shingles

Generally, wooden shingles are manufactured using wood extracted from old wooden structures, lumber from mills and various other sources. They usually have a longer lifespan compared to white cedarwood.

Your roofing company will tell you about the best option you can go for based on the design of the house and the budget you have. Also, they will suggest you the most ecofriendly option.

This article was provided by D’Angelo & Sons Roofing and Exteriors.

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