10 Common Causes of Roof Leaks and Some Simple Repairs

Published On May 27, 2019 | By Poly Dom | Roofing

Roof leaks are a homeowner’s worst nightmare. Whether they occur gradually or after a severe storm, leaks can cause costly damage to the roofing material and even the property’s interior. We’ll go over a few common causes of roof leaks and help you to understand when to seek roof repair in Burlington.

Poor maintenance

Some areas on your roofing will not last forever. Even if they were installed and sealed properly the first time, they are still at risk of damage. Roofs are exposed to harsh weather conditions like snow, sun, thawing, and freezing. The roofing material must be properly maintained in order to serve you for longer. Lack of maintenance can contribute to roof repair issues like leaks.

Failing to add an extension on the downspout

Downspouts are pipes that come down vertically from an eaves trough/gutter. The pipes drain water away from the roof’s foundation. Adding a downspout extension helps to ensure that the water is sent away from the foundation and helps to prevent future leaks.

Damage of pipes

Bathroom pipes, which are small extensions that appear on top of the roof, have a small rubber flashing at the end that animals love to tear up. When this bathroom pipe is damaged, it can contribute to roof leaks. An inspection must be done to determine if this is an underlying cause of the roof leak.

Poorly installed chimney flashing

The joint where the roofing material meets the chimney bricks on the roof is called the chimney flashing. It must be properly installed to prevent unnecessary leaks.

Unsealed nails on the roof vent

All nails on the roof vent should be properly sealed to avoid rotting the wood and causing it to deteriorate over time.

Poorly done repairs

Shoddy repairs can promote roof leaks. If you need any repairs done on your roof, call an experienced and licensed contractor to provide a quality solution.

Low-quality skylights

A high-quality skylight will last for many years without the need to perform any repairs. Make sure you choose Velux skylights, which are strong and resilient to water damage. Skylight repairs are more technical compared to flashing repairs and are likely to cost more.

Poorly installed roof vents

Roof vents are made of two main parts – a cap and a bottom. When exposed to strong winds, the caps can blow off if they were not properly secured during installation. This exposes your roof to leaks. Proper nailing and sealing can help to prevent this.


Over time, your roof gets old and it deteriorates. If your roof has passed or is approaching the end of its service life, roof leaks can become too common and force you to invest in a new roof.

Holes in the metal valley

When one slope meets another on the roof, a length of metal is placed in the valley to carry the water from the adjacent slopes. This metal can sometimes bend and crease, producing a tiny hole. The holes, when ignored can cause a significant roof leak.

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