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Sometimes, a roof simply wears away due to natural aging. You may notice that the roof is worn out or damaged and it has a negative impact on the property’s value and appeal. It could be that you need to have the roof replaced as there are more serious problems. There may be other signs that the roof could be causing you stress and more problems.

You should pay attention to your roof. There are many indicators that it may be time to contact professionals for a roof replacement.

Excessive Repairs

It is likely that you will be better off calling a roofing contractor more often than you need. The average roof repair costs just over $600. This means that even a few repairs can add up to quite a large sum. Call a professional for repairs.

Curling Shingles

If the shingles curl upward, it may bulge in its middle. This is known as clawing. This is when your shingles need to be replaced. This type of damage can cause shingles to lose their value.

Missing Shingles

You should schedule professional roofing services immediately if you find shingles falling from your roof or on the ground. It is a sign your roof is not watertight.

Leaking Roof

A leaking roof could be the reason you have noticed mold growth, moisture in your attic, or foundation issues. A patchwork job might fix a small leak but it is better to have a professional inspect your home to determine whether a replacement is possible.

Tar/Algae growth

Tar streaking and algae growth on your roof are both abnormal. You should call a professional if you see either of these problems. These problems are often caused by bacteria, which reduces the weatherproofing properties of the shingles. This is common when lower quality materials are used for roof replacement bloomington in.

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