Bathroom Renovation Tips

Published On January 29, 2021 | By Danny White | Home Improvement

Many factors need to be taken into consideration when renovating your bathroom. There are a lot of ideas and considerations you need to make before starting your project.

You should make the most out of your space, design, color, and decoration to obtain the best finish in your bathroom. Working with a professional bathroom remodeling contractor can give you ideas you may not have had otherwise. Here are some bathroom renovation ideas:

Pick the Best Toilet

Picking a toilet is a vital decision when planning a bathroom renovation. You maximize the use of your space when you make sure that the toilet is in scale for your bathroom size and placed in a location. If your bathroom is small, the toilet must be one of the compromises you make regarding placement and size. For a small size bathroom, opt to a toilet that will easily fit next to a wall.


The next vital thing to consider when it comes to bathroom renovation is the color you’re going to utilize, as the visual image will be ruled by choice of paint. The d├ęcor is what provides your bathroom an exceptional look and feel.

Some of the greatest colors for your bathroom to consider are pale, soft color schemes that do not give a sense of smallness. These shades are soft on the eye and provide the illusion of bigger bathroom space.

You need to keep away from using bright and sharp colors when painting your bathroom. Your bathroom must be a place to relax; therefore, it is a smart idea to use neutral colors and pastel tones.

Shower Tiles

Many homeowners’ problem is the massive selection of shower tiles available to choose from, which makes it hard to choose the right one. There are granite tiles, ceramic tiles, stone tiles, glass tiles, and many others. Start by knowing what design or style you like for your bathroom. Some of the queries you must consider are whether you want to have a modern feel or a conventional feel. Also, you can try an aquatic style as well as a neutral color scheme. The choices are limitless and based on personal preference.

Porcelain tiles may also be a perfect option for a shower unit. Porcelain tiles are extremely attractive shower tiles and retain the color for many years to come. Also, they are very resistant that will make sure the quality for many years. This is one of the perks of utilizing tiles in your bathroom shower.

Lighting Arrangement

It’s vital to think of the lighting arrangement in the bathroom. This is something that a lot of people take for granted as they do not consider it essential. Know that a simple ceiling light fixture can ruin your bathroom’s whole design if you do not consider it very carefully. The lighting has to be directed exactly in order to come up with the best atmosphere that you like in your bathroom.


For the renovation of your bathroom, you want to know how to correctly and rightly pain it. Painting is one vital task during the process of bathroom renovation. Here is a tip for painting a bathroom that will make the task easier and much more professional and enable you to carry out the work yourself.

Use painter’s tape- you must use this in order to avoid any paint going onto places by accident. A lot of people begin painting and spill paint or go over corners. This is a mistake as they spend time wiping the mess from the fittings and fixtures.

Also, there are a lot of lazy and sloppy people who do not spend the hard work to tape up specific places next to the painting location. So, preparation is vital in your bathroom renovation project.

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