How to Choose Bathroom Tapware: Mixer vs Single Lever taps

Published On July 29, 2020 | By Danny White | Home Improvement

More homeowners today are deciding to do home upgrades rather than purchasing a new home primarily because of cost and uncertainty in the economy. Everything from bedrooms to dens is being remodelled as working from home becomes the new normal. And other rooms in the house are also getting new appliances and other furnishings. The challenge is, however, a remodel can be expensive. So homeowners are looking for ways to get good value while spending less.

The bathroom is a great place to do some low-cost upgrades on your home. Unless you intend to put in a very expensive Jacuzzi type tub, buy custom bathroom vanity with custom sink and fixtures, or do a complete remodel of the room, the cost for making your bathroom modern and beautiful is less than almost any other important room in your home.

In fact, you can focus on replacing the smaller items like your bathroom taps or mixers and these changes alone can both increase the functionality in your bathroom and make it much more beautiful.

Selecting whether to purchase a single lever tap of a mixer is a decision that should take key things into consideration. Here are those key things that you should consider

Control of Water Flow and Temperature

Selecting bathroom taps and mixers will determine the ease of control you have over the water temperature and flow. A single lever tap allows you to easily set the temperature as it flows from the taps. In a situation where you want a quick accurate flow of water, a single tap is best. In terms of the temperature, you might be best with taps because you can accurately set the temperature using both handles. Of course, with either, you can mix the cold and hot water to your desired temperature in the sink.

Money Savings

You might save money if you select a mixer tap. The reason is that mixer taps are fitted with a flow-limiter that assists with averting too much water being taken from the cold and hot pipes all at once. Because of this, there is the likelihood that you will use less hot water when mixing it into a single flow. If you are conscious about the environment or reducing your electricity and water bills a mixer tap may be best for you.

Most Adaptable.

Bathroom mixers are much more popular than double taps and are more adaptable in the bathroom to bathroom sinks. Nearly all bathroom vanities will accommodate the largest variety of bathroom mixers, but some will not accommodate taps. However, if you are intent on using taps, there may be adapters you can purchase for many bathroom basins or vanities.

Although both taps and mixers have their own set of benefits, selecting one or the other really comes down to your personal tastes and choice. You might find that one works best with the overall look of your bathroom and this is the one you select. Make sure however no matter the one you purchase that you buy from a reputable manufacturer that has a reputation for providing quality products. Go online and do your homework about the brand and supplier and make sure you get a good warranty.

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