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Published On January 29, 2021 | By Poly Dom | Home Improvement

Patinas are in vogue and every one whether a home owner, a resort owner, or a farm house owner, wants to have his own style of patinas for various items on his property. Some people create patinas on brass, copper decorative items, some want to create patinas on their front gates, doors and windows, while some want to create patinas on exclusive items made from stainless steel and other items.

Creating patinas is gaining popularity because there is a sudden craze for old and heritage items and people look with awe and respect at such items. Also, most people today make all their possessions with modern look, and when they come across things that look old, yet maintained, they have huge respect for the owner and the item.

Also, distressed and old looking assets give an entirely different look from the new stainless and polished look that everyone is in a habit of looking at.

If you are someone who loves such creations and have the passion to create more of such creations with your own creativity using powder coating, you should visit https://patinapowdercoat.com/using-powder-coating/. This is a powder coating unit that has been in the business of powder coating for more than 20 years and has recently launched a brand-new line of patina finishes using powder coating.

Hereunder are some very common questions that may cross your mind while reading the article.

Is the company selling patina finish articles or it is training people in Patina finish using powder coating?

The company has been selling patina finish articles for over a year, but the founder has decided to share his powder coating skills with other master creators. So, the company is accepting applications of only those master painters and coaters who have been in the business for long or have the mastered the art of spray painting.

Since this skill involves high level of command over the gun, the course is only open for master creators and coaters.

What is the need for powder coating patinas when similar texture is available with paints?

When you create the rustic finish or patinas with paints and chemicals, they don’t seem real when they are finally ready after curing. Paints and chemicals take lots of time to cure and they emanate very strong and bad odor for a long time.

On the other hand, patinas created using powder coating look amazingly real and take no time to cure. They also do not take long to cure or emanate bad odor while curing.

Paints and chemicals often give way to the finish after a small while, but patinas created using powder coating stays for a very long time.

If you are looking to do a course in creating patinas using powder coating, you can find many websites offering online courses on the subject. However, since they have mastered the art and have been the pioneers of this skill, you will benefit much more if you hone your skills through them. For more information and enquiry, you can get in touch with Maui Powder Works.

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