Vinyl Flooring – Durable, Versatile, Sturdy, Choice for Residential and Commercial Floors

Published On July 7, 2021 | By Robert Dem | Home Improvement

Vinyl is a popular choke among homeowners. When a homeowner plans the house interiors, the first thing that clicks their mind is budget. The flooring was expensive once, and people avoided fancy flooring, but focused more on the furniture. However, with luxury vinyl flooring hitting the market, many homeowners are refurbishing their houses within budget.

Vinyl flooring is strong plastic flooring consisting of multiple layers.

These layers consist of –

  • The base
  • A protective layer of fiberglass
  • The design
  • Finish

The durability of the vinyl depends upon its thickness and the strength of the membrane. An additional coating of clear urethane reduces the chances of stains and scratches. Vinyl flooring is available in various colours and designs which is good for those who fantasize about designs. Even though it is called luxury flooring it is easy to maintain. Installing vinyl flooring may sound difficult, but some people do it themselves. For hassle-free installation and maintenance, you can contact flooring companies in your area.

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Types of Vinyl Flooring


  • Luxury vinyl plank or LVP is much durable with higher quality with multiple tough layers. It can tolerate heavy traffic, kids, and pets and are easy to install.
  • Waterproof Vinyl plank or WVP is a waterproof plank made of wood and plastic. It’s durable and slightly thicker, so they are perfect for basements, kitchens, living rooms.
  • Rigid Core Vinyl Plank or SPC is also waterproof with a core compound of stone plastic. This means it is super tough and it is best for commercial areas.

Different Styles of Vinyl Planks

  • Wood-look like the vinyl plank is appreciated by everyone because it gives a natural and aesthetic feeling. It is a good option when you can’t afford hardwood flooring, but still want a look at the hardwood floor.
  • Stone look vinyl floor is a perfect option for bathrooms where you can’t install tiles due to budget. The most popular stone look vinyl planks are concrete, travertine, and slate.
  • Decorative vinyl plank is often available in geometric pattern, metallic accents, stain glass look, etc. It looks just perfect in offices and bedrooms.

Advantages of Installing Vinyl Flooring

  • Vinyl tiles and flooring s are made cost-effective. They are suitable for those who are tight on budget, but want their homes to look spectacular.
  • It can be installed anywhere by anyone. You can use the glue-down method and lay it on the old floor. To make it look new.
  • Vinyl sheets are moisture-resistant because it contains PVC so it can be installed even in kitchen and bathroom where there is tons of moisture.
  • Each year you get new designs that can be used by anyone. Whether it is geometric pattern or stone look vinyl, a homeowner or business owner can install it to enhance the overall look of the room.

Vinyl planks are easy to install but require practice and perfection. Whether you are renovating or adding value to the property, vinyl flooring is the best and inexpensive option.

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