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Buying a house can be stressful; selling a house is if not the same level of stress, it can be a little more actually, which is why real estate agents get paid to make the process better and easier for you. Whether there is a property being bought or sold, there are certain questions that you should ask any potential real estate agent before signing a finalized contract. Keep in mind that there are no two people alike at everything, even twins you can find something that can be different, same goes for the real estate agents that you are planning to hire.

There will be no way that you will find two agents that conduct business exactly the same way so it is better to look around until you find the right one that suits you and your desirable location of interest. Purchasing a home is one of the largest procedures that most people will undertake during their lifetime and some people don’t even have the right funds to buy a property so they would end up renting until their savings can add up to what they can adjust, which is surprising to know because more than 75% of recent sellers would actually only contact one real estate agent that would make them finalize the deal for their property. Here are a few important questions that you can ask your potential agent so that you don’t allow your property to be another nameless, useless listing.

  1. Are you a Licensed Agent?

As much as you feel like this question is not necessary, you would be surprised of how many people are actually in the field just looking for a quick scam or not under any agency so they would do as they please without having to deal with any legal consequences. Always be sure that you are working with a professionally trained and accredited agent that is qualified by the local real estate board to handle your transactions properly throughout the whole time of knowing them. It would be better if they can present you with evidence as well just so you won’t have to have any second thoughts along the way.

  1. What experience do you have?

Whether you want to purchase or sell a property, this is a very important question to ask. It has a high importance because it will make you know if the agent can meet your needs as a client or not. This question is answered by the determination of how long the agent has been in the field and the success rate that the agent has during those years spent. When you see that your agent has had a lengthy time being successful means that this agent has a history within the field and amazing connections that make you finish deals even faster. While on the other hand if the agent spent years in the field and barely made any proper success along the way, then that should tell you that your house might stay on the market longer than expected which is bad for the reputation of the house and the owner because when there is a property that stays too long in the market, there must be a reason why behind it as well even if the blame isn’t on you or the property but usually on the agent that can’t get the deal finalized.

  1. How many other clients are you currently representing?

Obviously your best choice is making the decision of dealing with one of the best real estate agents in the city but also put into consideration that the real estate agent might be busy at the moment with many other clients as well so it is best to look at their feedback while asking this question as well because you do not want to waste your time waiting while other properties are being sold in the meantime. Try to consider that real estate agent and what they can do for you and if you believe that what they say can be true and that they can afford you many services that they can provide but be positive that your property is in the best place to be sold and not left collecting dust on the shelves.

  1. Will I be working with you directly or will you refer me to your team?

A lot of clients have the common issue of getting too comfortable with an agent that they probably won’t deal with in the future after you have passed the introduction stage. One of the most frustrating things actually is to tell everything that you want within the property and having to be referred to another agent and starting from scratch and possibly not feeling the same sense of comfort ability with another agent within the team. If there is a small team, then it would be easier to deal with due to the fact of more resources and assistance along the way but it would obviously be better to be introduced to them first rather than having to deal with them when needed.

  1. Have you sold any property in the past within this neighborhood?

Having a professional expert among your community is a huge positive towards the advantages that can be made for sellers and buyers. A real estate agent who has local experience among the neighborhood is aware of all the upcoming developments happening among the area as well as all the business ventures and other places of services that can occur that can possibly value your property.

  1. How long will this process take?

There will be no guaranteed answer by any agent working in the field right now for how fast it will take to buy or rent a place at the moment but there are always the best options and a great real estate agent will show you the best places that can be provided for you. Most agents will not give you a specific time or amount that you will need to take but they will usually give you an estimated time that it would take and most of the time they are right around that time but don’t be too hopeful after a week has been spent because the more time it takes, sometimes the harder it will seem to find a place that suits you best but most people won’t be patient and they will go onto another agency, but depending on how you feel towards this agent is the decision you have to make from there depending on the location of the place that you would like to reside.

  1. What If I am not satisfied with your services?

Clients should always be reassured that they have some kind of guarantee in case any problems might rise with the agent/agency. Since real estate agents only get paid after the finishing process of the transaction, if they are looking for your best interest, they would like to make sure that their client is fully happy with their services so that they would stay away from any problems regarding their commission.

  1. When can I start moving?

Potential buyers usually want the answer to this question as soon as possible once they have found the proper place for themselves or loved ones. Once there is an agreement that has been reached and all the documents have been dealt with then that is when the property is officially the buyer’s estate and making them the new owner from now. The same goes for potential renters as well as once they finish finalizing the contract and having to come to terms and agreements with the owner then the owner will provide you what you have requested and the real estate agent would get paid their commission and that is when the process is officially finalized.

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