Metallic Roofing A Modern, Durable Choice

Published On August 14, 2021 | By Paul Petersen | Roofing

What’s the best roofing material for your home? If you’re like most people, you’ll think of asphalt shingle, clay tile or metal. However, as technology has advanced in recent years, there is now a new option that many homeowners are starting to consider: metallic roofing. It offers all of the benefits of traditional materials but with more durability and less maintenance thanks to its metal composition. But how does a metallic roof work? What types are available? And what color options do they come in? Keep reading to find out!

Metallic roofing is a modern choice that will never go out of style: It has a low-slope profile that complements any home and provides all of the benefits of traditional types, from fire resistance to energy efficiency.

Metallic Roofing: What It Is And Why You Need It

In its most basic sense, metallic roofing is really nothing more than a metal sheet. However, when properly installed by an experienced contractor, that blank metal surface can offer your home protection for decades so long as you take care not to damage it with hail or other disasters. Once upon a time, asphalt shingles were the only available option for those looking to protect their homes from bad weather and keep their utility bills down at the same time. Today, however, there are many different options on the market such as clay tile, metal and even organic materials.

The secret behind these different roofing types is that they offer something called “thermal resistance.” A home’s roof acts as a barrier between the outside environment and the part of your house where you live. However, if it isn’t up to snuff, moisture can get into your walls which will eventually cause rotting or mold that could make you very sick or cost you thousands of dollars in repairs. That’s why using a material with thermal resistance is so important; it keeps heat from escaping out through your roof while also keeping excess water from seeping in. Asphalt shingles are known for their value but there are some problems with them, including their susceptibility to fire and wind damage. Metal roofs, on the other hand, are highly fire-resistant and are also long-lasting thanks to their durability.

Metallic Roofing: Choosing A Style

The two basic styles of metallic roofing you can choose from are standing seam metal and corrugated metal.

When choosing your roof, one of the first things you have to think about is what kind of look you’re going for in front of your home. Standing seam metals offer a low slope that looks great from the street or even at an angle thanks to their modern, structured form. Corrugated metals are designed to imitate aged materials such as slate tiles, so they come with a more rustic appeal perfect for those seeking a simpler look.

As for color, there are a number of options available depending on the style you select. Standing seam metals can be painted or coated in just about any color in order to fit with the exterior design of your home, while corrugated panels are typically designed to mimic slate and other natural materials so they have fewer color choices.

Metallic Roofing: Using It On Any Home

The durability of metallic roofing makes it ideal for just about any type of home. This kind of roof is made for permanent structures, which means that it will keep its rust-resistant composition even if left exposed for decades at a time. It can also be used on homes with high winds due to its low-slope profile. And because these types of roofs come equipped with gutters, you’ll never have to worry about extra roofing costs in the future.

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