Is Modular Construction Breaking into the Commercial Sector?

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Technology has revolutionized the world across diverse sectors; from the corporate world to healthcare, mining, and construction. The construction industry has benefited immensely from technology, with more developers increasingly getting accustomed to new technologies such as modular construction.
Indeed, more developers and professionals alike are embracing this new technique since it provides a more sustainable and efficient method of construction that saves time, money and materials. Not only are modular buildings suitable for various types of applications but are also flexible.
Read through and explore how off-site construction has transformed the construction sector.

What are some of the Types of Modular Buildings?

Prefabricated buildings can be erected for virtually any type of use. Some of them include:
• Nurseries
• Libraries
• Construction site offices
• Hotels
• Residential accommodation
• Hotels
• Laboratories
The above are just some of the business that you can put up using modular construction. With its state of the art techniques, the technology has been tried and tested and is suitable for any structure.

How is Prefabricated Structures Built?

Modular construction involves significant parts of a building to be divided into smaller sections that can then be manufactured in a factory. Subsequently, they are then transported to a construction site on a flatbed truck.

Benefits of Modular Construction

• Simultaneous Work Activities
Individual sections of a structure can be produced simultaneously. By doing so, multiple activities can take place at the same time hence decreasing the time required to deliver a project.
Indeed, with more developers seeking easy techniques to undertake their projects, the use of modular construction is projected to use exponentially. Modular construction was previously used for short term projects that did not require any complexity.
For instance, prefabricated structures were predominant in sectors such as corporate gigs, concerts, conferences, exhibitions, and short-term sporting events. However, improved technology has played a critical role in diversifying the industries where technology can be used, most of which are long-term and permanent projects.

• Reduced construction Timeframes
Most property developers are continually seeking ways to bring about efficiency and reduce the time taken for project deliverables. Consequently, such developers are clamping down on inefficiencies by improving the levels of productivity.
This possible since prefabricated construction uses lea construction techniques hence eliminating any waste. For instance, workers can be drastically reduced by removing overlapping tasks.

• Ease of Use in Remote Areas
Some areas have previously neglected in terms of infrastructure development. However, a lot has changed with the inception and implementation of modular constructions. For instance, prefabricated components are produced on-site after production.
Apart from improving the transport of the materials to remote areas, the technique also assists in saving costs and minimizing risks of exceeding budgets.

• Ability to Undertake Mega Projects
The sizes of projects being undertaken have witnessed a dramatic increase in size in recent years. One such place where mega projects dominate the landscape is Saudi Arabia. With such trends, modular buildings are changing to accommodate bigger ad taller structures. One of the mega projects that he been done in Saudi Arabia using modular construction is the Panorama Dome.
Those involved in the project delivered it within a record time of 60 days. Conversely, the project would have been produced in two years in case traditional non-modular methods of construction were used.

• Sustainable Building Solutions
Not only is modular construction playing a pivotal role in delivering projects at an accelerated pace but also meeting the growing demand for sustainable building solutions. Indeed, with most new buildings being designed with energy efficiency in mind, a vast majority of them are getting greener and smarter by the day.
Prefabricated builds are designed and implemented with minimal disruption to the environment. Therefore, megaprojects can be erected with less adverse impacts on businesses and the global ecosystem. Moreover, modular structures also have a longer lifespan that can outlast traditional buildings.


Modular construction gives you a rare chance to expand your premises per your needs. Moreover, your business can still operate as the development is ongoing. Make a bold step and choose a company that has over 30 years experience in erecting modular structures at affordable rates.

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