Everything about AC repair and maintenance

Everything about AC repair and maintenance

Published On July 24, 2021 | By Sabrina Barstow | HVAC Contractor

Your home AC requires regular servicing and repair to make sure that it works at peak efficiency. How often should I service my air conditioner? Irrespective of type, model, or age, you need to have your air conditioner serviced at least once a year.

Why should you service air conditioner?

Here are a few reasons why and how often should you service your AC:

  1. Regular air conditioning repair Hinsdale can help in making the system running smoothly.
  2. It can also prevent any serious issues.
  3. With time your air conditioner needs extra power to work accurately. Regular servicing of the system can help sustain efficiency, resulting in low energy bills.

Many professionals suggest that you must do a yearly servicing of your AC unit. Throughout the servicing, the AC professionals will look directly at the system to check for any problems, clean the ducts and filters, and ensure that the system is functioning correctly to keep your utility costs lower.

You must prefer planning your yearly air conditioner repair Hinsdale a couple of months prior to the summer season.

What must an annual AC system servicing include?

The AC system servicing must include the following things:

  1. Checking the drain pipe
  2. Checking the coils
  3. Checking blower
  4. Checking temperatures
  5. Checking the motor
  6. Checking refrigerant levels
  7. Checking coil fins
  8. Checking connections and supply lines
  9. Checking the operating pressures

What is the importance of air conditioner maintenance?

An air conditioning unit that is not serviced for a very long period loses 5 percent efficiency every year. This can lead to an increase in electricity bills. Leaving your AC unserviced can put extra pressure on the system, diminishing its life by as much as 50 percent, and a new AC system can cost around several thousand dollars.

If your AC system has become too noisy, then it’s time to call the professional team to repair your system.

You may notice a sudden decline in the airflow coming from your air conditioner. It can be an indication of a severe issue. There can be a blockage in the AC filters. You might need to either clean or change the filters. If you have kids, pets, or family members with asthma or allergies, you must decide on a filter rated MERV 13 that eliminates small allergen particles like bacteria, mold spores, pet dander, pollen, etc.

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