7 Tips to Help you Maintain your HVAC During Season Change

Published On March 24, 2020 | By Poly Dom | HVAC Contractor

You can find an HVAC system of some kind in almost every house. Whether it be an air furnace or a heating and cooling system, it has become a necessity for a comfortable living. But its repair and maintenance are often neglected which can result in huge loss. Only with proper maintenance can the system work smoothly. When the weather changes it is important to do a thorough cleaning of your air conditioning and commercial HVAC Atlanta at least twice every year. Some of the tips to take good care of your HVAC system ars:

  1. Changing the air filter: The most important is to change your air filter regularly. It traps dirt which keeps the air clean, the repeated accumulation of dust can lead to its blockage thus lowering its efficiency. In summer when the AC is used frequently you need to change the air filter every quarter.
  1. Checking the outdoor units and the furnace: Since the outdoor unit is kept in the open, dust and debris may get collected around the unit which can disturb it’s working. So cleaning the outdoor unit is preferable for proper functioning. Make sure your furnace is not cluttered with items, as it can affect its proper functioning.
  1. Contact the professionals for a thorough repair: You need a trained technician to do proper inspections. Your AC needs to be checked at the onset of summer and the heating system before winter. Since HVAC systems consist of various parts that are complex it needs a skilled technician to tune-up. For proper functioning, your HVAC equipment needs to be cleaned, inspected and repaired by a trained expert.
  1. The system checks done by a technician: When hiring a technician you should be very clear about the parts which should be inspected by him.
  • The indoor evaporator coils and also the outdoor condenser coils should be cleaned by him.
  • The condensate pan helps to remove moisture from the AC. The technicians clear any blockages in the drainpipe for proper functioning.

Most of the households avoid HVAC maintenance but it can greatly impact its efficiency and there is also the risk of a sudden breakdown. Regular HVAC maintenance can avoid such unpleasant surprises. Some minor tasks can be one at home regularly which will also help you minimize your cost on maintenance. Thus proper repair and maintenance of your commercial HVAC Atlanta is important especially during the seasonal change.

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