Evergreen Trees- Varieties, Care and Maintenance

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Evergreen trees are the most popular and great ways to make your house and garden look aesthetically beautiful throughout the year. From tiny dwarf shrubs to massive trees like Pine, Cypress, and Prunes, evergreens are known to withstand extremely cold temperatures and dry seasons. They can tolerate heavy winds and extreme cold temperatures. Their year-round foliage adds a wonderful landscape in your yard. A professional like arborist Richmond Hill will not only help you decide the type and variety of evergreen you need to plant in your lawn, he will also provide tips for their proper care and maintenance and healthy growth.

What to choose in Evergreens?

To decide the best variety of evergreens in your lawn, prioritize your purpose for planting the tree. Do you need them as windbreakers or for screening and privacy or you need a decorative tree?

You should also have knowledge about the climatic and the soil conditions of your area. Check the zone rating of your area on trees. Some trees are hardier than others; some tolerate the dry soil while some need moist soil. Similarly, some evergreens need acidic soil while some require alkaline soil.

Choose the variety considering their anticipated full grown size and the time they require for their full growth. Are you okay with the slow-growing variety or you require a fast growing tree? If your priority is privacy and shade, then go for fast-growing trees.  Choose the varieties considering the size of your yard and lawn and the space allocated for the evergreen.

 What to care for Evergreens?

Ensure Sunlight: Mostly evergreens require full to partial sunlight for proper growth.

Watering: Many evergreens can survive in extreme dry winter conditions. Regular watering till the top with proper sunlight will ensure their healthy growth. You can do this in areas which don’t freeze in winters. In those areas which freeze in winters, you can slow down the watering at that time.

Mulching: Almost all evergreens need mulching that is, organic material for their good health. Mix composite in the soil to add nutrients in the soil.

Fertilizers: Evergreens get benefit from fertilization. Fertilizers aids in the proper growth of the plant, good shape, and color of leaves and good sized needles. Take those fertilizers that have more nitrogen than potassium and phosphorus. Do fertilization between spring and summer. Do watering till top, whenever you add fertilizers to the soil. Do it when the sun is halfway done and don’t fertilize in drought condition.

Correct Pruning: Evergreens require only a little pruning like removing of dead or lean branches. Prune outside the branches collar. It should not be very close to the trunk. Early fall and late summer pruning should be avoided. Calling a professional arborist Richmond Hill will get you tips for maintaining good proper health of the evergreen plant.

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