Check The Critical Pointers Before Selecting An Industrial Architect!

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Building a food processing plant or an office building starts with the design. If the initial plan is right, owners and contractors have little to worry about.  That gap is bridged by an industrial architect. For outsiders, the role of an industrial architect may seem simple, but in the real world, they do much more for their clients and are responsible for some of the commercial building miracles we have. Collaborating with a known industrial architectural practice, such as Stendel + Reich, has many benefits, and it is important to check the right aspects before taking the call.

Establish your goals first

More often than not, owners are not particularly clear about what they want from the industrial architectural firm. It is important to establish a few goals or what you want to achieve for the project. It is only when an industrial architect and owner share the same goal, the project becomes a success in the true sense. There are cases when things have gone haywire during construction and engineering, simply because the interests were not aligned.

Ask the right questions

There are a few basic questions you want to ask a firm during the first couple of meetings. Here are some of the ones that matter –

  1. Does your company have the necessary certifications?
  2. Have you done projects that are similar to ours or relate to our industry?
  3. How many industrial architects work for your company? What are their individual qualifications?
  4. How many projects have you completed so far?
  5. Which industries do you work on a regular basis?
  6. Can you share a few client references?
  7. Can we review your work through site visits?
  8. How do you ensure adherence to building codes?
  9. Who will be our first point of contact?
  10. How involved is your team in the execution process?

As you have guessed, these questions do matter, because you are trying to find a company that knows its job.

Collaborate, don’t intimidate

Unfortunately, owners often act bossy with industrial architects, and that kind of ruins the work process. Keep in mind that the experience of a company comes in handy for generating new ideas, and you have to offer them a free hand to come up with concepts and solutions. Also, make sure that you question designs and plans, because every idea needs to be backed by purpose.

Check online now for industrial architects now and collaborate for creating a project on paper that can translate into a real premise in no time.

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