4 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Plumber

Published On January 18, 2021 | By Poly Dom | Home Improvement

Since the plumbing system is the most crucial component of your home, hiring the right plumber is extremely important. In this article we will discuss the important things to consider when choosing a plumbing company. These answers will save you from a mishap that will cost you more money, time and stress, like a leaking pipe that takes a real plumber to repair.

Is the plumbing company licensed?

Hiring a licensed plumber will guarantee you of increased service quality. It will also save you more time and money knowing that they passed all the tests for this job and they are knowledgeable enough to fix the plumbing problem. This will also protect against fraud. No one wants to spend the hard earned money for worthless things.

Problem with a non-licensed company. Non-licensed companies fo not have the certification that they work in accordance with safety rules and regulations implemented by the authorities. Without this assurance, your household may be in danger of faulty installations and inadequate repairs. There’s also a danger that the company does not employ licensed plumbers with sufficient training to handle the job.

Is the plumbing company properly insured?

Evaluate only those who can deliver proof of insurance. They should be ready to show the evidence that they are insured. This is huge because this will serve as your protection from legal liabilities as well as the plumber who will do the job from possible injuries or damage on your property.

Problem with an uninsured company. If the plumbing company is not insured, there is not assurance that you will be compensated when plumbing emergencies happen. This means that if they performed faulty plumbing pipe installation and you encountered an accident because of that, you cannot claim for reimbursement for construction or medical expenses.

What is the estimated total cost of fixing your plumbing problem?

A good plumber is concerned enough to ask necessary questions to analyze the plumbing problem before giving you a quotation and estimate of the total cost. Be careful with quotations you receive and make sure you also ask them about anything you don’t understand about it.

Show them you are very much hands on and not just accepting every detail they said. If there are any parts that need to be replaced with new ones, that should also be included with cost estimation. They should be able to give you accurate information on what the charge should be for solving the problem.

Problem with no cost estimate. Without a cost estimate before the plumbing project starts, there’s a possibility for charges that keep recurring and unsubstantiated fees. Since you are not aware of the total cost of the plumbing job that the pro will handle, you don’t have a control on the limitation of the bill that will be charged on you. In this case, it will be hard to prepare for a sufficient budget for this project.

Do the plumbers have the right training and experience?

Some plumbers can still be newbies but obtained proper training and passed the tests. You can still consider them for small scope of work depending on the problem of your plumbing system. However, for larger ones, it is crucial to ask plumbers of their experiences and you may ask them for examples of their past jobs related to your plumbing issues.

Problem with untrained and inexperienced plumbers. You may be impressed by the website, reviews, and explanation of the plumbers that you are talking to, but these things do not ensure the quality of work that they do. Without enough experience in handling plumbing jobs, the person you’re hiring may not know the in and out of the task, and there will be a higher risk for a faulty work, accidents, and damage to your property.

As you can see, it really pays to be inquisitive, especially when you want to resolve problems in the plumbing connections and fixtures of your home. This is a very important aspect of your property, and you have to make sure that you are hiring the right people with the right experience to do the job.

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