What Commercial Roofing Services Can Do For You

Published On July 18, 2020 | By Robert Dem | Home Improvement

An essential part of being a homeowner is maintenance. Keeping a home in good repair has multiple benefits, including maintaining or increasing the house’s value and ensuring that minor issues do not balloon into major ones. One component of any home that needs attention periodically is the roof. A damaged or leaking roof can cause significant problems if left unchecked. Most people hire commercial roofing services, such as westernroofingsystemssanjose.com, to attend to their roofing needs.

Water Damage

Water is extremely damaging to a home. A leaky roof can cause structural damage inside the home and cause mold to grow in some cases. Keeping the roof in good repair is the best way to prevent water damage from happening, but sometimes sudden damage to the roof could cause water to enter the home. It is vital that any leaks be addressed as soon as the homeowner is aware of them.

Roof valleys and drip edges help control the flow of water during a storm. If the valleys or drip edges are damaged, water might run down the side of the house instead of into the gutters. This can cause problems with the foundation and the siding of the home.

Roof Caps

Roof caps are put in place to allow hot air that accumulates in the attic to flow out of the home. This process helps keep attics cooler and makes cooling the house much easier. A loose roof cap can cause water damage, so these should be inspected periodically for placement or damage. A roofing company can easily replace or re position a roof cap.

Roof Replacement

Over time, it may become necessary to replace the roof of the home. This could be due to the age of the roof and wear and tear or something drastic, like damage from a hailstorm. The first step in this process is planning. Proper planning will allow the contractor to provide a time and cost estimate. They will then set up their job site at your home, which includes items such as a dumpster for old material, and tarps to protect windows and landscaping. They will then remove the old roofing, including shingles and nails. The contractor will inspect the roof for any damage that needs to be repaired. They will also caulk around chimneys and other areas where leaks might occur. After that, it is time to install the new roof. An underlayment is placed on the roof and then the shingles. Once completed, they will clean up the site and conduct a final inspection of the new roof.

What Can a Commercial Roofing Service Do?

A commercial roofing service can replace or repair roof components, including shingles, roof caps, roof valleys, and drip edges. Be sure to research any contractor you are interested in hiring. Not all who say they are roofing contractors are legitimate. Most contractors provide free estimates, which will allow you to compare prices and materials from each company. A good roof is attractive, adds value, and protects your home and those inside of it.

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