What Are The Laws In Michigan For The Home Renters?

Published On May 27, 2022 | By Poly Dom | Home Improvement

Home renters are the ones who live in the home for rent. There are plenty of flats, and residential areas are available for renting purposes. People with their families and individuals used to live there and pay rent according to the rental space consumed by them.

In Michigan, there has been a law that tells the right of the tenant and renters. Michigan eviction laws involved some procedures to follow before evicting the renters from home. This eviction can happen for safety problems, non-payment of rent, illegal things happening in the house, property damage, and more.

Let’s look at these eviction reasons in detail to go more in deep with the information mentioned in the laws:

  • NonpaymentOf Rent: When someone comes to live on rent, the due date of paying rent is allowed. Every landlord has the right to give a deadline of 7 days to pay or quit notice. The landlord cannot go for an eviction process if the renters have paid within seven days.
  • Illegal Activity Conduction: If some mishaps were going on the landlord’s property like theft, assault, drugs, etc., the landlord has the right to issue seven-day quit notice. If it involves police and registers a complaint against the illegal activity, the information becomes 24hours.
  • Safety And Material Violation: Michigan law sees the details of building safety, house safety, etc. If the tenant violates these rules, the landlord gives seven days of vacant notice. If the tenant doesn’t, the landlord files an eviction complaint.

How To File A Complaint Against A Tenant?

Filing a complaint isn’t easy to go to court and register for the same. The process of eviction will start after the written notice by the landlord. A particular time is mandated for filing the eviction. First, go to the justice court where the rental property belongs, then file a complaint there, and there will be an involvement of fees.

Important Things To Remember At The Eviction Time?

Before going for the eviction process, give your tenant a written notice; make no mistake in terms of filling. If the landlord wins the case, the judge will pass your judgment on possession. This informs the renters to vacate the place; if they don’t, authorized officials will evict the tenant, as the landlord is not allowed to force the tenant.

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