Maintenance tips for your solar panels

Published On September 24, 2020 | By Sabrina Barstow | Home Improvement

Buying solar panels is a large investment. It is more beneficial for producing electricity and it reduces your energy bills for many years. It doesn’t require much maintenance and cleaning services but it is necessary to for enjoying long term benefits. There are many companies that give maintenance and cleaning services. You can also hire wiki wiki solar and electric professionals for the same.  

Here are some maintenance tips that you can follow at your home. 

Regularly inspect your solar panels

Ensure that solar panels are placed at a high location where no other things can damage them. Check the panel wiring for breakdown or melting and the frames for cracks or gaps which can be caused due to water or dust related issues in the system. Prevent the electrical connectors or fuses from water and rain.  

 Cleaning and caring of your solar panels

Mostly, solar panel is placed on the roof so pollen and dust will wash with every rainfall. If heavy coating of pollen or dust is on your panels, you can clean them with water. Remember that don’t use detergent cleaners because they can leave smudges and streaks thus light will not pass properly. You can use alcohol to clean the dirt on the glass. 

Place the panels in direct sun

To covert maximum solar energy, your solar panels should be placed where the sun light comes for many hours. Your garden trees can disturb or new constructions may have an effect. So make sure that they are located where most of the sunlight comes whole day. 

Check energy usage

You may not seem that requirements to check your daily energy usage, but over the years converting system may not correctly work so it will produce low amount of energy. You can install an energy monitor and ensure that the entire system is working well.     

It’s also crucial to have an energy provider, such as Gexa Energy, that offers the best renewable solar energy programs so that you can benefit from them in the future.  

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