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The price of repair of automatic irrigation system varies between 5 and 200 $ according to the type of system and the nature of the breakdown. Automatic irrigation and irrigation systems come in many forms, for all uses, whether domestic or professional, and for all plants, herbs, trees, flowers, herbs and vegetables, shrubs, etc.

In addition to continuous maintenance, professionals can repair irrigation systems that no longer light up, repair watering heads or broken spray heads, solve water flow problems, such as lack water or pressure a sprinkler head, reprogram the timers and readjust the direction of the turf sprinklers. You can use the sprinkler repair arlington   is there now.

The cost will depend mainly on who you hire to install or repair your watering system. Indeed, hiring a handyman will cost less than a professional watering. However, depending on the complexity of the task, it will be better to turn to a specialist.

Why call a professional?

Professionals are usually trained and certified to install and repair watering and irrigation systems. Also, they will generally have a higher hourly rate than unskilled contractors, but will be able to repair all watering systems.

The difference in labor cost takes into account the equipment used and the training of irrigation professionals and their general expertise in the sector. Indeed, specialists must take continuing education courses every year.

The minimum rate

Irrigation system repairers often have a minimum service charge – usually one hour of work – to diagnose and repair the problem. Even if the repair lasts only 10 minutes for example, you will be charged for a full hour. This takes into account the professional’s travel expenses and the necessary tools. Nevertheless, if there are complex parts to change, they will be billed separately.

The type of repair

The total cost of repairing a sprinkler system often depends on the cost of labor , the cost of parts , and the age of the system . Here are some examples of supplies prices:

  • Head of watering: from 5 $.
  • Head of irrigation turbine: from 20 $.
  • Hose: from 10 $.
  • Automatic connection: from $ 2.

Major repairs or additional installation of automatic sprinklers, spray heads, check valves, stop valves for major landscaping will be charged from 100 $ and more.

Emergency repairs of irrigation system

Sometimes a faulty automatic watering system can be very restrictive and you have to react quickly. Companies may charge additional fees for emergency service or outside business hours. When asking a professional or a company, ask them what the supplement will be for such an intervention and see if the game is worth it.

The tips of pro

  • A watering system that maintains itself. 
  • However useless to do too much zeal. 

Do not pay the winter maintenance fee for your irrigation system if you live in an area that does not require it. Indeed, it takes negative temperatures for several weeks for your irrigation system to be affected.

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