What Makes Rattan Furniture Items So Important?

Published On October 7, 2021 | By Sabrina Barstow | Furniture

Rattan is a material that is gaining more and more followers. Every summer, rattan furniture makes a comeback on our terraces and gardens. But rattan does not stick to outdoor furniture and finds its place all year round in our interiors. Year after year, the taste for rattan does not weaken thanks to its very practical aspect and its decorative assets. It is thus a true timeless decoration to discover or rediscover. The choice of the South Sea Rattan goes perfect there.

What Is Rattan?

First of all, it is advisable to present the rattan which is not to be confused with the wicker (a branch of European willow) and the bamboo (originating in China). Rattan is indeed a solid liana, of the palm family, which can reach up to 400 meters. He is originally from Southeast Asia.

Its rods have the great advantage of being both flexible and robust, which allows them to be easily worked into original shapes. It is a solid wood which is first put in the oven in order to be able to make it marry the desired shapes. As it cools, it keeps its shape and will become almost un-deformable over time.

First used for canning under Louis XIV, at the end of the 19th century it became a material used for complete furniture. Rattan can be stained or left natural to provide different styles.

Rattan, Generally Reserved For the Garden

When we think of rattan furniture, we almost immediately visualize comfortable armchairs that invite you to relax. Thus, we usually find much garden furniture in this material because it has the advantage of not undergoing variations in the event of a change in temperature and its robustness gives it a long lifespan.

Whether you opt for vintage-style rattan garden furniture or a more modern version, you will have it all. In a boho spirit, the rattan hanging chair is also perfect for indulging in moments of rest outdoors, on a balcony or terrace.

More than in the garden, rattan also finds its place in the house with the famous rocking chairs which once again invite you to relax. The rattan being very flexible and light, you can easily move your furniture as you wish to go from the living room to the garden or the opposite. Rattan is so trendy today that it is imitated in industrial materials. Thus, woven resin strongly resembles rattan but is made from plastic. It is mainly found for garden furniture.

The Rattan Comeback

After having long been cataloged as a kitsch material, rattan has made its comeback in our interiors for a few years. Whether natural or tinted, rattan brings a warm touch to our decor.

Some rattan furniture, trends in the 60s and 70s, are now very popular with interior design enthusiasts. We think in particular of the famous Emmanuelle armchair, the perfect accessory for any self-respecting boho interior. Rattan shelves have also found their place in our interiors. Slightly rounded, they will naturally find their place in a living room or a teenager’s bedroom. Today, rattan continues to take new forms. Also, it offers new looks to follow the trend as closely as possible. You will always find armchairs both for the garden and for the interior whose lines offer a slightly retro aspect but you can also turn to complex and contemporary sofas or decorative accessories. We particularly appreciate the rattan sofas in an exotic style or seaside decor when it is slightly gray for example.

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