Top Features to Consider when Buying Turkish Rugs

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Kilim is a word of Turkish origin denoting the list of pile less textiles offering the largest collection of carpets, kilim rugs, vintage rug, and others. The Turkish kilim rugs are highly expensive as the Turkish labors are highly expensive and these are high-quality rugs made by the laborers where it undergoes many times weaving as well as finishing processes such as spinning the wool by hand as well as dying the wool in batches.

  • First determine the type of Turkish rug to be purchased as it is mainly of two types- A Kilim or Knotted Rug. The kilim rugs are mostly made up of cotton fibers by the flat weaving technique. It’s a less expensive alternative. It can be used as a furniture covering, wall hanging, rug or blanket. Another type is hand-knotted rug or carpet which is of higher quality.
  • The Turkish rugs can be single knotted or double knotted.
  • Customers have their own choices to purchase either handmade or the manufactured Turkish rug.
  • The budget also plays a major role in the buying of Turkish rug. The range of price of Turkish rug varies from few Hundred Dollars to several Thousand Dollars. The cost also depends on the quality of carpet.
  • Next, comes the essential factor the size of Turkish carpet as preferred or liked by the customers.
  • It is important to check the material of Turkish rug of which it is made at the time of purchase as the Turkish rug is made up of most beautiful, valuable and costly silk threads. The silk carpets holding capacity is of 400 threads per inch.
  • The prices of Turkish rugs are not based on its size. Instead, the cost of a Turkish rug is determined by the number of knots per inch. The carpets made of silk have 400 knots per inch.
  • The Turkish rugs are traditionally made by the women who pass their weaving designs to their daughters.

The Turkish rug sellers give the demonstration of Turkish rug, and the tourists’ love to see the demonstration and make their mind to purchase these amazing, guaranteed original rugs handmade by admiring its beauty and efforts made the labors. The sale price of Turkish rug depends on the age, design, size, and quality of carpet.


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