Tips to Create an Arabian Night Theme

Published On May 15, 2019 | By Danny White | Interior

The Arabian night theme is one of the rich and decadent quinceanera themes. It is all about creating something grand and extravagant in the Middle Eastern desert. Use of Aladdin can be quite charming along with it adding of characters like the desert, magic carpet, rich colors, etc. This theme requires a lot of decoration items, and therefore, it is recommended to start early so that you can give a luxurious look.

  • A tent can be used as an excellent venue for creating an Arabian night theme. A small tent or you can use two to create the look; a photo booth can be created at the tent.
  • Use of colorful fabrics can be draped everywhere. It can be used to cover chairs, table linens, ceiling, fabric covered on your cake table. A wide range of variety you will get in fabric such as brocade, silk, velvet, satin, fabric with jewels, etc. It should all about beauty and luxury.
  • Proper lighting will enable that your theme looks more dramatic with a dim light in the venue. You can opt for wall lighting to give a night feel to your room. String lights can be used to give a starlit night.
  • You can use Arabic lanterns or jars with candles and place them as a centerpiece on your table. There are many things you can do with lanterns in order to give a more innovative look, such as Aladdin oil lamp.
  • Palm trees can be used to give your party a desert-like feeling. Smaller ones can be used on the tables for centrepieces, or you can even add palm leaves and branches.
  • Fancy pillows with colors can be incorporated, which will add more fun to your party and give a relaxing atmosphere.

All these tips will help you design your party in a more innovative and lavishing way.

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