Tips on How to Maintain Your UV Water Purifier

Tips on How to Maintain Your UV Water Purifier

Published On August 27, 2020 | By Poly Dom | Water Softening Equipment

With the amount of pollution these days, it has become a necessity that every house must have a water purifier to keep themselves safe from the various waterborne diseases. When you consider the different types of water purifiers, the UV water purifier is one of the most common of the lot. It functions in removing the impurities, including the biological pathogens. A useful aspect of the UV water filter is that they are easy to maintain and is cost-effective.

A UV water filter makes use of a UV light source that produces certain radiation that kills the impurities. They also consume very little energy, so is energy efficient as well.

Here are the main tips on how to maintain UV water filter:

  • Change the UV Lamp Once A Year

This is the most vital part of the purifier which produces clean and pure water, so you need to ensure that you replace the UV lamp every year so that you get maximum efficiency from your purifier. If there is not enough production of the radiation, the bacteria will not be killed as it should be.

If you recently changed the lamp and you can still see the difference in the colour of the water. The UV water filter has an alarm reminder that lets you know when you need to change the lamp.

  • Cleaning and replacing the quartz sleeve

The lamp of the ultraviolet is protected from water using the quartz sleeve. Water, while it runs through the UV water filter, is protected by this quartz sleeve. This is kind of delicate and has a chance of damage.

  • Monitor the Pre-Filters

When you maintain a UV water filter,you need to give attention to the pre-filters. The pre-filters need extra care as they protect the UV rays coming to the equipment. Check the sedimentary depositsin the filter and make sure they are working correctly.

  • Check the Water Quality

Make sure to check the quality of the water is right from your UV filter and ensure that you do the check on a regular basis.


These are the tips to maintain UV water filter in perfect condition. Following them will ensure that your UV water filter remains top performance and gives the maximum purity of the water and ensure that you and your family have a good healthy lifestyle.

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