The Benefits of Investing in Idaho Land

Published On June 2, 2023 | By Sabrina Barstow | Real Estate

What is the first thing that flashes into your mind when you think of Idaho? Is it potatoes? That’s probably a common thought, but Idaho has more going for it than potatoes. Known as America’s “last frontier,” Idaho features include snow-capped mountains and mile-deep gorges. These beautiful landscapes paint a nice picture for those wanting to purchase land in Idaho. Before you do, it is important to ask, “Are there any benefits to having land in Idaho?”

Excellent Land for Hunters

Are you a hunter that is looking to buy Idaho land? If so, you’re in luck. Idaho has unspoiled hunting lands. The landscapes are also quite diverse. Plush, green mountains, lakes, rivers, deserts, and arid mountains can be found. Idaho is filled with wildlife, 4,522,506 acres to be exact. 

Nature Lovers Will Love Idaho

Nature lovers will feel right at home in Idaho. Due to the diversity of the landscapes, Idaho residents can go fishing, hunting, and hiking. However, the area is not entirely rural. In Idaho, you can still live an urban lifestyle while being around the great outdoors. Fresh air is also abundant in Idaho compared to other more polluted states.

The Cost of Living is Lower

According to a report by the U.S. Census Bureau in 2022, Idaho is the second-fastest growing state in America, beaten only by Florida. The cost of living is also thought to be lower. The most recent data puts Idaho square in the middle of all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Its overall ranking is the 28th lowest cost of living state. Realistically, it’s not too expensive, but not cozy either. 

Lower Property Taxes

Most people interested in buying land would be most concerned about property taxes. Idaho is more lax on property taxes when compared to other states. The property taxes in Idaho are at .69%. That number puts Idaho at the country’s 14th lowest property tax rate. 

Idaho has a Booming Economy

Compared to other states, Idaho’s economy is strong and has a healthy mix of industries to help keep it stable. Idaho is home to a few big corporations, and these companies bring in higher-paying job opportunities. The state also has a thriving tourism factor, which boosts the local economy.


Having land in Idaho would undoubtedly have its perks, especially with the current state of the American economy and inflation rates. Those lower property rates and advantageous job market would seem tempting to anyone. Even more alluring is the abundance of fresh air. Idaho sounds like an ideal place.


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