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Should I switch to a height-adjustable desk?

Published On January 28, 2022 | By Poly Dom | Furniture

Sitting has a bad reputation in terms of health. Its negative health effects have been compared to smoking and sitting in front of a computer for more than nine hours a day has resulted in a majority of workers reporting stress at work. But there is hope for the modern office worker: a height-adjustable desk. People quickly learn about the benefits of this ergonomic tool that goes far beyond simple office equipment. These desks encourage workers to get up from a seated position from time to time, which has several spinal health benefits.

If you are planning to invest in an adjustable table that allows you to sit or stand at the table, here are some key considerations to keep in mind:

Should the sitting-standing desk be height-adjustable?

It is important that the height of your sitting-standing desk is adjustable as you may need different heights for different activities. For example, you might prefer one writing height and a different computer height. Also, if your desk will be used by more than one person, the desk height must adjust to suit the needs of people of different heights and work preferences.

How much should I spend on a seating table?

This, of course, depends on your budget and the quality you expect. As with most things, seated and standing desks can be found in a wide range of prices. Before choosing a cheaper option based only on cost, remember that seating and standing tables are a long-term investment in health. Before buying, think about the quality of the table and how long you want it to last. Also, consider a lifetime warranty to protect you financially in the event of a table malfunction.

What features should I keep in mind?

Desk noise: If a quiet work environment is important to you, look for desks that allow for a quiet sit-to-stand transition.

Speed: If your desk takes a long time to transition from sitting to standing, it may put you off transitioning.

Manual or Electric Movement: Some models of seated-standing tables operate with hand grips, while others use electric or pneumatic lifts that are raised and lowered at the touch of a button. The chosen driving method will have a big impact on the ease of use, speed and noise levels.

Programming: some tables can be programmed in height so that they can be easily adjusted to the desired position.

Do I have to keep the table all day?

With all the negative attention sitting receives, your instinct may be to tilt to the opposite extreme: be on your feet all day. But standing for long periods can do as much harm to your back as sitting all day. The best approach is to change positions during the working day. If you’ve been sitting for an hour, it’s best to get up and move. If you’ve been standing for a long time, take a break and sit down.

If you’re used to sitting all day, standing work can lead to unexpected fatigue. Slowly increase your standing time, wear supportive shoes, and use a gel pad to make the transition more comfortable. While there may be a short-term adaptation period, the long-term benefits of a sitting-standing desk are worth it. Reach out to an expert to find out more.

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