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Gone are the days when there was only one type of door and all the houses were similar. As we said at the beginning of this article, the doors have become part of the decoration and the type of opening makes all the difference, both to add style and for a better use of the place. Among the main models are:

Giro Gate (the most traditional of all)

  • Folding door
  • Shrimp Holder
  • Sliding door

Below we will talk a little more about each one and also present some examples of its use. Continue reading this article.

Swing Door

As indicated above, the swing door is the most used among all models. Even places that opt ​​for other types of doors end up having this model for the separation of specific rooms, such as the bedroom. The swivel door locking system offers high sealing power whether it be sound, temperature or odor.

The hinges used are simple which makes the total cost lower. It is ideal to install them in wall corners so that they can be opened without disturbing the rest of the environment. In general, they are only replaced for aesthetic reasons or for lack of space for opening.

How to choose internal doors

Folding door

The folding door does not occupy any space beyond the doorway, so it is a good option for small environments.

However, if it gains in the aspect of space utilization, it loses in aesthetics and ability to isolate the environment, as it does not have a good seal or closing system.

It is an inexpensive model and can be important to separate some rooms in the house, such as laundry and bathroom, however, it is not indicated as a choice for all rooms in a place, precisely because it does not offer such an interesting aesthetic balance.

How to choose internal doors

Shrimp Holder

The shrimp door has one or more divisions that fold, allowing the door to open.It takes up less space than the swing door and can also be used in environments with larger spans. If you want to have the option of maintaining a room with privacy, but also want to have the option of opening the door and integrating spaces, this model is one of the tips on choosing internal doors.

Just as the swing door has a good seal for sound, temperature and smell and the price is also very interesting.

How to choose internal doors

Sliding door

The sliding door may seem like a space-saving option, but the truth is, it doesn’t. That’s because it needs space on one side of the door to slide.

It is a super modern option that is being used a lot as a door model for a room that separates, for example, the living room from the dining room or even the American kitchen. It can also be used to separate a closet from the bedroom.

How to choose internal doors

When to install your internal bedroom door?

The best time to install the door, regardless of model and material, is after painting the walls. Of course, this requires a lot of care, but it is best to avoid staining your doors with paint and other materials. If it is not possible, install it later, but protect the doors when painting.

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