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As a ballpark figure, we can say that on an average, you may have to spend about $1,000 for repainting your cabinets. However, it will also depend upon how many cabinets you want to paint.

A professional Homestar Painting service may ask for $30 – $60 per foot as a labor cost for painting. Besides that, you need to spend another $200 – $600 for various hardware tools like rollers, brushes, drop cloths and tapes etc.

You must remember:

  • Using cheap material may not last longer and will need replacement quickly.
  • Usually, vinyl paper veneers will peel and are difficult to fix as compared to wood.
  • Consider for replacing damaged particle board instead of repainting.

Average cabinet painting cost per square foot

Painting your cabinets will cost you $3 – $10/square foot or $30 – $60/linear foot meant for all materials, supplies and labor. Often contractors may charge $100/door, $25/drawer or $75 – $150/cabinet.

Spray painting cost for cabinets

Cost of spray painting will be almost same as brush or roller painting with total average cost of $400 – $1,000. Rental cost of spray paint gun is $40 – $120/day. It will provide smooth and even coat, but it needs removing doors and drawers too.

Repainting cost of kitchen cabinets

Average repainting costs can be about $900 for any kitchen of 150 – 250 square foot. You may have to pay additional $600 – $1,500 for removing any existing finish.

Without properly removing the old finishes it cannot adhere properly. You can use de-glossing/chemical stripping agent in case you don’t prefer sanding or scraping the old painting.

  • De-glossers can be useful for shiny paint types.
  • You also need to remove knobs, handles and pulls.

Factors influence cabinet paint cost

If you buy a gallon of paint then it will cost $20 – $60, which will cover 300 – 400 square feet. For each gallon of paint, any average kitchen cupboard may need two coats. While buying paint, avoid buying any cheapest product.

Reasons for buying higher-priced paints are:

  • Last much longer
  • Can resist stains better
  • Will cover evenly

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