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The bitter truth of today is that the number of professionals are showing disinterest in the field of architecture and engineering. It is seen to be diminishing over the past few years. The architects actually contribute a lot on a wide range of things like the design or the structure or may be the materials that are used building purposes.

What is unique about it?

The architectural engineering is a field that creates architects who have an extensive knowledge in building systems. They are more skilled than just architects and have a holistic approach towards the structural design of the buildings. They are known to choose the elements to harmonise with each other in order to build the overall structure.

  • The architectural engineers work with all kinds of engineers like the mechanical, the electrical as well as the engineers in the field of plumbing. Unlike the architects the architectural engineers have a thorough knowledge combined with training in the technicalities of the building designs.
  • The universities who are offering the course of architectural engineering choose students who are qualified in building sciences. The aim is to prepare them as experts in the field of architecture but with an engineering mind. The engineers who have their degree in architect are specialised in creating better and auditorium as compared to traditional architect.
  • The architect engineers are specially trained o design a building but the only thing is that their approach is more practical. They mainly depend upon the structural or the mechanical systems in order to define their structural forms.
  • The architect engineers are creative and they have great vision and expression. They are the ones who see the world in a specific manner as far as buildings and landscapes are concerned.

The field of architecture playsa vital role in all our lives. This is an industry that is quite competitive and one requires studying a lot along with internships for practical experience.

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