Do You Want to Hire Quality Mover? A Few Tips

Published On April 8, 2019 | By Sabrina Barstow | Home

 People hire the services of a suitable moving company so that the whole process is done in a smooth manner.

However, in spite of having so many movers around there are few scams and malpractices that often take place. So, following are few tips to remember while hiring any moving company.

  • Ensure that the estimator looks through all the items to be moved

During initial discussion, show all the goods that are to be moved so that the estimator gets an idea about the total weight of the goods and provide the estimated charges.

  • Never pay any large amount before moving

Usually good movers never ask for advance however if the mover insists on some advance then never pay a large amount.

  • Make sure that the company has a local office

While discussing with any moving company, make sure that they have a registered office with their address and phone number available. You may also visit their office too before hiring.

  • Prefer to get reference

It will be always a better idea to hire such services which has been recommended by your friend or relative, who has experienced their service. You may also ask for reference from the mover too.

  • Avoid packing cost

Usually moving company may charge very high cost for providing additional packing service, which should be taken up by you if possible so that you can save a huge amount.

  • Clarify about extra fees if any

In case you are shifting from or to any higher floor then they may charge extra in addition to the normal charges. So, based on your case you must clarify about their charges.

  • Avoid signing on blank moving contract paper

Never sign on any blank contract form rather read all the terms very carefully before signing the contract.

  • Report if you faced any problem

In case you find any problem up to 9 months after shifting then you can report to them, so make sure that all your goods are received in order within the time frame.

  • Insurance

Moving companies are supposed to insure all your goods unless you decide to do it on your own.

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