Bathroom Designs—What are the Options? 

Published On December 18, 2020 | By Sabrina Barstow | Home Improvement

The bathroom is the highest traffic area in the entire house. That’s the reason why it’s also the most common room people remodel. However, that doesn’t make remodeling a bathroom an easy task. 

Often a bathroom is the most difficult area to remodel. This is mainly due to the face that there are a lot of water elements, with piping, to consider. To make the redesign of your bathroom as stress-free as possible, it’s best to avoid rearranging the position of your pipes. 

Though there are a lot of decisions to be made, and remodeling a bathroom isn’t easy, that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy choosing the right design for your own bathroom. 


Choosing a Style 

There are a few different styles that are popularly used for bathrooms currently. While there are many other choices to choose from, here are some trending options to consider: 

  • Classic – Some people prefer the traditional, white porcelain bathrooms that have survived over the ages. Though there are a lot of quirky, new age designs, traditional fixtures, tiles, and color schemes are still widely used. 
  • Eclectic – This design choice couldn’t be further from the traditional white, glistening bathrooms, but has become increasingly popular. With this design strategy, people combine pieces that are seemingly unalike, but create a quirky, interesting feel. 
  • Rustic – This design tactic has become extremely popular in households, not just in the bathroom. This style allows people to bring the outside in. 


Trends of Today 

On top of the styles trending currently, there are also some trending features to consider when remodeling your home bathroom. 

  • The Future is Tech 

When we think about technology in our household, one of the last rooms we consider adding it to is probably the bathroom. However, with the modern age growing more and more reliant on high-tech upgrades. People are adding smart devices from toilet seats and shower speakers to sinks. Others are even including mini fridges and TV screens to their tech-savvy bathrooms. 

  • Unique Tile Designs 

Some people are even rethinking the traditional styles and colors of the tiles they include in their bathroom design. Some new and interesting style choices are tiles shaped like hexagons or Moroccan fish scales. These tiles are also being colored in new, and sometimes quirky, color schemes that add a pop to the design of their bathroom. 

  • Compact Storage 

Designers are recommending doing away with overwhelming, messy storage cabinets and shelves. People are now installing compact cabinets, designed to promote minimalistic lifestyles. These cabinets are great for expanding the amount of storage you have in your bathroom while taking up a small amount of space. 

  • Oversized Bathtubs and Showers 

Basic shower-tub combinations aren’t enough for many who decide to remodel their bathroom. What the average person dreams about in their home is a luxurious, comfortable bathing area. Those looking to upgrade often look for soaker or jacuzzi bathtubs to replace the old ones, especially when remodeling the master bath. New shower stalls and shower bases are being made twice as wide as before, often with more than one shower head and a sitting/resting area. 


Whether it’s a change in style, or updating for the latest trends, there are so many options to designing your bathroom’s remodel. 




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