Answering top questions about black garden ants

Published On May 15, 2022 | By Paul Petersen | Home

Residents in Massachusetts are not oblivious to the presence of insects in most areas. While some are more dangerous than others, many pests are a pure nuisance and can cause unwanted concerns. If you have found black garden ants in your garden, you may have many questions on your mind. It is also necessary to consider whether there is a need to call professional pest control. In case you have a faq about black garden ants, here are some things you need to know. 

Where do these ants live?

Typically, black garden ants either live in forested areas or the yard/garden. These hard-working insects look black or dark brown, and like other species of ants, these are social insects that thrive in colonies. Did you know that male ants die after mating? Once mating is over, the female ants shed wings and look for nesting sites. 

What do black garden ants eat?

These ants have an appetite for sweet things and typically milk aphids to get honeydew. Once an ant finds a food source, it leaves a trail of pheromone behind for other ants to follow. 

Are these ants dangerous?

The short answer is no. These ants have an enlarged venom reservoir, but unlike other pests, these don’t bite or sting. Instead, they eject formic acid when provoked. That said, the venom of black garden ants is not harmful to humans, but if formic acid is ejected in a cut or open wound, the person may feel some discomfort. If you try to disturb a colony of ants, these insects would typically go into hiding instead of attacking in a defense mode. 

How can someone identify black garden ants?

Most working black garden ants are black and have a shiny appearance. The color may look darkish brown at times. The queen ant is usually bigger, measuring up to 9 mm, with stripes on the abdomen. 

Do you need professional pest control?

While black garden ants are not as harmful as other pests and rodents, these insects could still pose a problem. Also, these ants are capable of quarantining themselves when exposed to something dangerous such as insecticides. If you have never handled a pest situation before, it is best to hire professional pest control. It is also important to seek advice when you have pets and kids in the house. 

Call a pest control service today. 

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