Advantages of Reciprocating Compressor

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A reciprocating compressor is also called a piston compressor and is a positive displacement mechanism tool. It is the most widely used type of compressor in industries and is used to compress gases or refrigerant through the motion of a piston. It is made to work with the principle of low-mass to high-pressure ratio. While it’s working phase, it sucks a large amount of gas, which is compressed through the reciprocated movement of the piston, and then releases the compressed gas through the discharge tube.

Industrial and commercial use

Generally, two types of reciprocating compressors are available for industrial and commercial use. One is a single-acting reciprocating compressor and the other, double-acting reciprocating compressor. The first one involves the arrangement of the compressor cylinder in a vertical position while the second one involves the arrangement of the compression cylinders in a horizontal way. This isn’t just their difference. They differ in their working and deliverance as well and used for separate purposes.
Reciprocating compressors come up with many benefits of their use and industrial plus points. Let’s discuss and analyze them one by one.

With their extensive and efficient operating scenarios, reciprocating compressors are considered to be maintenance-free because of their formation and equipment involved in their manufacturing. They need a low maintenance cost, which makes them one of the best choices of industrialists. This way, they can save a lot rather than using equipment that frequently needs maintenance.

High pressure and high power

Compressors are made to provide high pressure and high power. So does this type of compressor. Reciprocating compressors possess the ability to have high pressure and high power with relatively less cost involvement and maintenance-free operation. This way, the processing could be more beneficial and smooth. A process that runs efficiently is considered reliable and best in terms of cost involvement.
Reciprocating compressors are portable, don’t require much space and area for their operation. Therefore, they can be located close to point‐of‐use avoiding lengthy piping runs and pressure drops. This way, pressure strategized and resource-efficient work is done without even dropping a single fraction of pressure. This is the real beauty of reciprocating compressors.

They are durable with their operation and deliverance, efficient with their working scenarios and operating environment, as well as less space involvement and portable scenario, and affordable with low price involvement for their purchase, installation, as well as, running costs. Not only this, but reciprocating compressors possess significant product life due to their energized and fault-proof formation. They don’t even require maintenance or replacement even after long operating years.
This is what is called a durable working partner. Always try to choose efficient equipment, delivering what your company requires, and associate as low cost as it could be to maximize your profits.

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