5 signs that your ac needs immediate help!

5 signs that your ac needs immediate help!

Published On June 6, 2020 | By Poly Dom | HVAC Contractor

The summer days bring extra humidity and heat. In these hot days, air conditioner plays a crucial role, and it is really important. The air conditioner has some problems during summer days because of sunburn that you should notice. However, many people don’t see small changes in ac and then face many problems and waste so much money on repairs. In this article, we are going to discuss some signs, and if you see this sign, then you should call Moncrief Air Conditioning Repair Atlanta.

Weird noise: the weird noise is the first way to know your ac is functioning and nonfunctioning. Many ac makes low-level noise when you start and shut down the ac. But when you listen to unusual or loud noise, then maybe it is a sign of a big problem in the cooling system. However, the different sound indicates that different problems like buzzing noise indicate a loose part; grinding sound indicates some more serious problem.

Bad odors: if you feel unpleasant odour from your ac, then maybe you have to face any issue. Or this smell indicates that you should visit air conditioning repair Atlanta before it becomes smellier. Sometimes duct cleaning can indicate bad smell, and this bad odor can lead to many health problems and respiratory problems as well.

Unusual high energy bills: sudden increase in your electricity bill during summer days is normal, but if your proposal is double and triples than a usual bill, then it addresses that this is an hvac system’s issue. This happens by many things like blocked air duct, compressor falling to a tear. When you see a sudden spike in the energy bill, then you need to repair your ac immediately.

Moisture leaking from the unit: if you ever notice a wet area or spot around your air conditioner, then it means the condensation drain tube may block or bust. Perhaps the moist leaking from your ac could be poisonous. In this condition, you need to call air conditioning repair Atlanta immediately.

Warm air: if you feel warm air blowing out of the vent of your home, then you should check the thermostat. You need to ensure that it is switched to cooling mode and fix it on lower than the room temperature. If your ac still blows warm air and restricted airflow, then maybe you face compressor issues.

Here you have read five signs that may damage your ac.

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