5 Reasons to Replace Your Front Door 

Published On March 10, 2020 | By Poly Dom | Home Improvement

You shouldn’t take your front door for granted, even if it is one of the easiest things to do. Some households rarely even make use of their front doors, while some don’t know how their front door looks like. Now will be the best time to scrutinize your front door and ascertain if it needs replacement. Below are five reasons why you should carry out a door replacement on your front door. 


  • Curb Appeal 


Replacing that worn-out front door of yours with a new one is a cheap way to provide your home with a refreshing appearance. The door doesn’t have to be damaged for you to change it. If you discover that your front door is quite stale, then it would be appropriate for you to replace it with something modern. You can also choose to go with a new front entry, which could include a door equipped with sidelights, adding a cover where there wasn’t, or widening the front porch to make a new area of concentration for the front of your home. 


  • Security 


According to research carried out on convicted burglars serving jail time, it was discovered that most burglars target cheap wooden front doors. Why? Because they are quite easy to dismantle, and it was also discovered that these burglars preferred to kick in a door because a big bang is better than the sound made by shattered glass.

The modern door of nowadays consists of steel and fiberglass, which provides them with an additional layer of protection, thus making them strong and very difficult to dismantle. Ensure you consider changing your front door to something durable if you are quite certain that security is a serious concern for your home. 


  • Technology 


With the advent of new technology, you don’t have to go through the stress of fumbling for your key to gain access to your apartment. There is an extensive array of lock mechanisms that operate with code on a push pad and lock systems that works remotely with a smartphone. Some of the new locks will need that you replace the whole lock system, so this would be the perfect time to carry out a door replacement.


  • Energy Efficient 


Stale doors (particularly those made of woods) and their framing wear out easily. If you discover that your air is leaking into your apartment via your door, it equally means that your conditioned air is escaping. That is a comfort and utility bill problem that can easily be fixed; all you have to do is replace the door with something stronger and better. 


  • Accessibility 


Ranging from baby strollers to walkers and wheelchairs, your front door must be able to accommodate these gadgets. Alternations that can be beneficial to all parties including changing to a wider door that comes with a zero-clearance threshold; lever-style door handle that can easily be opened with the aid of one’s elbow; using ramps rather than steps. 

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